The Suez iron factory was founded on July 25, 1995, at Suez Industrial Zone, in a 95,00 metres square area with a total capital of 50 million EGP.
Our company’s production capacity is 400 thousand tons per year produced by more than 1,200 workers who runs the production process 24 hours a day in 3 shifts.
Our raw materials are imported from abroad and manufactured locally by our Egyptian hands, and that’s what makes suez iron unique.
Our entity’s main objective is to reach an outstanding position in the steel manufacturing market delivering high quality material.
By investing in our human resources with a trained, qualified, and skilled team to be an effective participant in such an entity, we aim to develop a high and sophisticated production processes with high safety features in our factory, offering an extraordinary service and product with a strong commitment with our customers, workforce and environment.
Mission & Vision

To be the middle east class standard for steel manufacturing.


Manufacture steel products with the highest quality.

Our Values

  • Quality guaranteed: Providing quality in everything—our products, our employees work environment and our customers’ relationships, is our priority.
  • Eco –friendly: Be the least harmful factory to the environment.
  • Global standers: Setting global standards to our products to compete with international products.
  • Development: Sustainable developments to our products, machines, production process, and our strategy.
  • Feasibility: Always be able to execute all the new strategies, technologies, and developments to provide innovative products.

The Production capacity is 400 thousand tons annually of rebar in accordance with the highest international quality standards Serrated reinforcement steel: 12 meters long

  • Diameter 10, standard weight 617
  • Diameter 12, standard weight 888
  • Diameter 14, standard weight 1209
  • Diameter 16, standard weight 1579
  • Diameter 18, standard weight 1999
  • We have training centres at the highest level inside and outside the factory to empower workers and develop young cadres.

    We have engineers with the highest level of experience, competence and skill in production, operations, electricity, quality, maintenance and production management, as well as technicians and workers with the highest level of efficiency.

    We have distributors for all markets.

    We meet all the needs of the local market as well as the Arab and African markets. El-Komy Iron and Steel is a professional family business that has been cohesive for decades and is growing and getting stronger El-Komy Iron and Steel is also distinguished by the fact that our prices are the best prices in the iron and steel markets in Egypt. Future vision: We are working to open new global markets and always welcome the opening of new markets.

    We have many investments directed to social responsibility projects, such as the [ Our People] Project in Dar el Salaam.