Elkomy Steel Suez Iron Industries Company

Steel Manufacturing

The Suez iron factory was founded on July 25, 1995, at Suez Industrial Zone, in a 95,00 metres square area with a total capital of 50 million EGP.
Our company’s production capacity is 300 thousand tons per year produced by more than 1,200 workers who runs the production process 24 hours a day in 3 shifts.
Our raw materials are imported from abroad and manufactured locally by our Egyptian hands, and that’s what makes suez iron unique.
Our entity’s main objective is to reach an outstanding position in the steel manufacturing market delivering high quality material.
By investing in our human resources with a trained, qualified, and skilled team to be an effective participant in such an entity, we aim to develop a high and sophisticated production processes with high safety features in our factory, offering an extraordinary service and product with a strong commitment with our customers, workforce and environment.

Our Projects